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From Deaf World Ministries:
We believe that God is wanting to give us new directions in our ministry. As our board continues to seek the Lord for His input, direction and guidance through His Holy Spirit, we covet your prayers for us to have understanding and to move in faith and obedience.
Our current prayer projects/needs:

The following is a message from Pastor Wilson in Kenya. He and his ministry are in need of finances to feed the children and provide transportation to school for these orphans. we encourage you to give to them as part of your effort to care for orphans and outreach to the poor in other nations. We recommend getting the finances to them via Walmart. You can message us and we will give you the details about how to do it. Alright? PLEASE PRAY ABOUT GIVING TO THIS MINISTRY
Now here is our latest communications from Pastor Wilson:
Dear Brother Ron & Sister Southwick.
It was a blessing to hear your voice yesterday, and we thank God for bringing you to this year.
As I was telling you through the phone, since our van broke down last year we have been hireling a van to take our orphan children to school and its very costly,
We are also having drought in our country it's very dry ,the boreholes are dry and some rivers are dry ,the red cross has said more than 4.5 million people will face hunger if it doesn't rain soon, even in some places animals have started to die.
Our tank is dry and we are forced to go and look buy water at very long distance, the same as food which is now very costly, we are feeding the children with two meals and that is corn and beans.
So kindly pray for the rain and that we may have enough provision for the children.
Please tell your loving wife am sorry to wake her up yesterday, but it is always good to hear voice.
Wilson Kamau
We received word that the drought is so bad they have to go 150 miles to get water for drinking, washing clothes, etc. DWM was able to respond to send money to help with the purchase of gas to drive and money to purchase water. Much more is needed for the children in the orphanage. Any financial help and prayer support would be appreciated by Pastor Wilson.

Money was also sent to purchase Bibles for a village where the people LACK Bibles. Only one Bible exists in the village and it belongs to the Pastor. Now some Bibles will be provided to people who can read, one per family. More Bibles are needed. We all know that to grow and learn it is important to have access to the Word of God on a daily basis.




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