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Any private or commercial use of any portion or excerption of DWM materials, in any form, is forbidden without prior written consent of Deaf World Ministries and/or authors. Email is an acceptable form of communication.

This includes any portion, quotation, or excerption (graphic or text) of DWM materials into your own web pages without the link is not permitted. Instead, please use a link to the Deaf World Ministries site.

You may save information from the pages for your own personal use only. But, don't reproduce or redistribute any materials publicly by electronic or printed means without prior permission.

Disclaimer on Outdates

DWM is not responsible for any misinformation, outdated or changed information, such as phone/fax numbers, addresses, etc. that organizations and individuals have provided DWM their information.

Because DWM can't keep in contact with all the various organizations, schools, associations, and others sites around the world on a regular basis, organizations are responsible to notify the DWM of any updated information or corrections.

It is your responsibility to contact an organization to check for correct information of its mailing address or such before doing further.

Reprint Permission

For research and term papers, if using a short excerption from DWM materials, please credit it as "Deaf World Ministries at"

For a reprint of some materials, please email DWM and/or authors with a list of titles and Web addresses for a written reprint permission for each material.


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