Steps Leading To Salvation
and a New Life
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Realize that ALL people have sinned.

Sin means what?  Example:  We mark the center of the target.  Then we get a bow and arrow and try to hit the target on that mark. When the arrow misses the center of the target we can call that "missing the mark."  In the Bible the word in the Greek (the language used to write the Bible) the word for sin means "to miss the mark."

Romans 3:10 Tells us "All have sinned and failed to live like God expected them to live - holy and right lives."

Realize that the punishment for sin is death. This is spiritual death in Hell.   It is separation from God forever.

Because sin hurts God and others and ourselves God hates sin.  Sin destroys lives. God loves us and does not want to see us hurt.  Sin deserves punishment. It is so awful that it deserves death.

Romans 6:23 says "The wages of sin is death."

Realize that He, Himself, took the punishment for our sin.

God loves all of us. He wants to have a relationship with us. But all have sinned.  Therefore all should die because we sinned against God, others and themselves. We have wounded, hurt, rejected others whom God loves.  We have hurt and wounded God. We have started destroying their own lives. We all deserve death.

Romans 5:8 says, "But God proved He loves us because while we were still sinning against Him, Christ (Jesus) died for us. (He took our place when we should have died for our own sins.)

Realize that we need to repent of out sins to God.

Jesus died so we do not have to die. He sacrificed His life so we can live. Jesus never sinned Himself.  He was always pure and holy.   Because He never sinned God accepted His death in trade for ours.  Because of this God can forgive our sins.  He wants to forgive us.  But for Him to forgive us we must confess our sins to Him and ask Him to forgive us.  When we do this it is called repentance.  It means to be sorry for what we have done and to stop doing it, then to start doing the right things.

Acts 26:20 says, "...they should repent and turn to God doing deeds appropriate for (that prove) repentance."

Realize that we must accept who Jesus is and must tell others of our new faith and way of live.

We must believe that Jesus, Himself, is God. We must believe that Jesus died for our sins AND then God raised Him from the dead and He now lives forever as Lord of all.  After Jesus died and rose again many people saw Him and told other s about Him.  Some did not believe this but others accepted this truth and believed. Then they told others about Jesus and how He died and rose again so He can forgive us of our sins.  When this really happens we will know it inside   ourselves.

The Bible tells us in Romans 10:9-10, "...if you confess with your mouth (signing is fine) Jesus is Lord (the one who controls our lives from now on), and you believe in your heart (inner person) that God raised Him from the Dead you shall be saved (from your sins); because with the heart (inner spirit) man believes, resulting in righteousness (standing clean before God), and with the mouth (language expressed in sign is fine) he confesses, resulting in salvation (from sin).

You can pray now and ask God to forgive you if you want to stop sinning and live for Jesus.  One way you can pray is like this:

Dear Jesus, I have lived my life sinning against you and other people and myself.  I want to stop sinning.  I want to live to make you happy.  I promise to quit all the sin I know that I am doing.  I do believe that Jesus, your Son, died for me and rose up again so I can be forgiven and have life forever with you.  I want you to be Lord of my life and show me how to live.  Thank you that you do forgive me and you love me.  I pray this in Jesus name, Amen!

You can pray your own prayer or use the one above to help you know how to pray to be forgiven all of your sins.

If a person prays and really means it then happens what?  He becomes a true Christian and Jesus lives inside of him.  Then he continues to live for Jesus.  He allows God's Word (the Holy Bible) teach him how to live and what is right to do.

He practices getting to know God by praying to Jesus.   Jesus hears all our prayers and will lead you into all the truth.  God gave the Bible so we can know how God wants us to live our lives.

It is good to find a church where they sign and have a good interpreter.  Then you can learn about Jesus and you will grow more quickly.  

If you want to know more about Jesus or can not find a good church you can write us and we will be happy to send you information and help you grow in the Lord. 

We would also like to know that you have decided to live for Jesus so be sure to contact us and let us know.

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