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This is an old newsletter but felt to leave this on so you can see some of the history of DWM. We are no longer at the location shown here.

December 2003
Dear Friends,

Christmas is coming soon. We are so thankful for the gift of Godís Son, Jesus. Without this baby Jesus being born into the world, our salvation would not be possible. Let us worship Him and remember His life this Christmas season!

Deaf Ministry Culture Information

Many Deaf in the world want a good church. But going to hearing church has problems. Language difference is a block to finding a church in their home area. Going to hearing church with interpreters means Deaf usually only sit and listen, but no chance to be involved as leaders. In New Life Deaf Church, the faithful Deaf are leading in preaching, prayer, deacons, ushers and other opportunities to show they love Jesus. They have opportunity to become strong Christians and leaders!  This is one advantage of a Deaf church.

English is not the first language of the Deaf. Their first language is American Sign Language, a visual language, not based on words or spelling. It is a picture/visual language based on hand movements and facial expression. The only way to clearly preach the Gospel is by using visual language. That is what we do at Deaf World Ministries, and in our New Life Deaf Church. We use it in our evangelistic outreaches, Deaf awareness/culture seminars and church planting efforts. But many of the Deaf in the area miss this since they do not go to a good Deaf church where the pastors have training in Deaf ministry. This limits what they can learn.

Not many Deaf are Christians. The percentage of Deaf Christian is same as Muslim and Hindus - less than 2% worldwide! Being Christian means obey Godís Word, the Bible. Some only want to know the Bible but do not live right and obey Godís Word.  New Life Deaf Church believes we must know Godís Word and live Godís Word.  This means live to have our spirit become wise and add understanding. We need to live the Word of God and then preach the Word of God to many who never have the opportunity to hear the Good News.

Making the Good News Available - Video Ministry

We also have a ministry of sending the Gospel through video CDs to the Deaf. We use the label "Signs of Life" because it is really signing about Jesus Life! It has no voice or captioning, only preaching in Sign Language. These CDs have now sent to America, South Africa and England. These are cheaper than video tapes. People can play them on computers or on DVD players or Play Station 2Deaf people are hearing Godís Word. They are impacted by Gods life changing power and their spirit grows in the Lord. This is another way to make the Gospel available to the Deaf who are isolated from Godís Word.

Canada Wants Help From DWM

We have been asked to help start a Deaf Church in Canada, Nova Scotia. We are making plans now how to help them with a new Deaf Church. Pray for Godís wisdom how to best help.

DWM ATV Rallies

We are happy for all the successful Deaf ATV Rallies this last summer. WOW! This was a great opportunity for DWM to minister to the Deaf and preach the Gospel about Jesus. We had a great time and many came from Erie, Meadville, Pittsburgh, Butler, Tionesta, Chicora and other areas! It was nice time to meet neat friends, fellowship and learn Godís Word!

The Bible says in Romans 10:14-15, "How then shall they call on Him (Jesus) in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him (Jesus) of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?  15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent?  We need people who are called (ordained) and sent by God. This will give the Deaf people a clear understanding of the Bible.   As the Bible says, "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" There is a great need for Christians who have a calling to minister to the Deaf. 

Deaf Christian Conference in Denmark

We are planning for some people to go to the European Deaf Christian Conference, Denmark,  July 12 - 19, 2004. This is a BIG gathering of Deaf people held every four years. This year we feel some people should go from DWM. It will be a good time for additional training, working with other Deaf ministries, and a time to recruit staff.

Thank You for Support

We thank all the people who give support to Deaf World Ministries. Because people help this ministry, we can keep teaching the Bible with the Deaf who want to grow. This means it helps share Godís Word to those who "miss it" or do not hear Godís Word and God will bless those people who give.

As pastors/missionaries, called by God, we will continue preaching the gospel to the Deaf. Isaiah 29:18 says, "And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book (Bible)." We are part of that "last days" reach out of God to the Deaf. The year 2004 will be a great opportunity for reaching the Deaf World. You can help by praying. When you do this you become a part of the ministry. God will bless you as you are a part of Deaf World Ministries. We appreciate so much your prayers and giving to the Lord and His ministry to the Deaf World.

Prayer Needs

Yours for the Kingdom,
Ron Southwick




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