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Ron  and Carol Southwick

Personal - Ron and Carol  - Christmas (December 2001)
Personal - Ron and Carol Update - Where We Are Now
(June 21, 2001) 

Personal - Ron and Carol Accident Update - Serious Situations Develop
(August 25, 2000)
Personal - Ron and Carol  -  July/August 2000
(August 19, 2000)
Personal - Ron and Carol  -  Jan/Feb 2000



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December 2001

"And in that day, the Deaf shall hear the words of the Book." Isaiah 29:18a
December 21, 2001

Dear Friends,

We are wishing you a great Christmas and a FANTASTIC New Year! He came to touch a hurting world. Through Him we can extend His kingdom and His love to others. Let Jesus use you to touch a very hurting world.

We are thankful for the Lord, for His goodness and mercy. "My tongue will speak of your righteousness and of your praises all day long." Psalm 35:28

Deaf Church
We continue to work with the Deaf in our area. Church services are held Sunday mornings, and Wednesday evenings we have a Deaf Bible Study. Monday and Friday mornings we continue with our friendship evangelism meetings. Two of the Deaf ladies are really getting an understanding of God�s love for them. More recently we have seen the beginnings of real understanding and revelation. They recently memorized the Ten Commandments and the Fruit of the Spirit. Now we are going on to memorize the characteristics of Love from 1 Cor. 13. We are seeing them becoming excited about Jesus and His Word!

Deaf Ministry School
We were not able to do the normal Deaf Ministry School this Fall because we did not have enough people. This was due to some not having financial provision, some dropping out due to fear because of the World Trade Center situation, concern for terrorism and our plans of flying to India, and some with other personal reasons. The outreach has been canceled but the school semester still is in effect. The school will continue until the end of January. There are two students in leadership training in Deaf Ministry School. Classes and training meetings are held weekday mornings, some afternoons and evenings. Daily we seek the Lord for His direction and wisdom.  Outreach ministry will take place through the Deaf Church.

Our Health
We are thankful for the healing and strength He has brought us. Carol�s leg is now healing good. An x-ray December 6th said that the bones have been healed. The wound on the calf of her leg has healed over completely. She still battles pain and swelling and can not be on her leg for more than 15-20 minutes before there are difficulties. The problem of continual swelling in the calf and ankle of her leg make it hard for her to stand and sit for long periods of time. She must wear a compression nylon on her leg everyday.

Ron is facing a different problem. The bone in his leg is not healing properly. He had surgery last summer to remove the rod and replace it with a rod of a different size. That may help. If not, then Ron may be facing more surgery. The Doctor says if it does not heal properly they will need to put in a metal plate to hold the bone together. He also had to have an increase in his diabetes medicine. In a recent test they discovered that he has some irreparable nerve damage to his left leg and a lesser amount to his right leg. He guesses about 50% and 25% respectively. He feels constant tingling in his legs and his feet feel like they are constantly on fire as well as like he is walking on pads/cushions. This is a result of the diabetes.

Pressing On
In spite of all trials and tribulations, we are committed to serve and praise the Lord. "For He has done great things. Bless His holy name!!"

Thank You
Please continue to pray for us. For those of you who support us financially, thank you so much. You are keeping the doors of this ministry open to those who are Deaf and to those who need to "hear" and understand God�s love for them in their first language, American Sign Language.

God bless you, richly,
Ron and Carol Southwick


Where We Are Now...

"...And in that day the Deaf shall hear the words of the book." Isaiah 29:18a

June 21, 2001

God is good and faithful! We are encouraged in spite of our situations. The apostle Paul said he knows how to be abased and how to abound. We are experiencing this kind of learning process. Life is not often fair nor is it a level playing field. But God is the great equalizer. He tells us His grace is sufficient for whatever our needs are. We have been able to experience Him in this way. I am sure that you have been able to experience His grace in your life, too. His Word tells us �faithful is He who called you and He will also bring it to pass.�

It has been a while since we have written. It does not mean nothing is happening, but it is because a lot has been happening. It has just been happening a lot slower - smiling.


We have spent the past several months still recovering from the accident last July and it is not over yet.

I, Carol, have been improving in the last couple months. My bones are all healing nicely. It has taken a long time for the large wound on the calf of my leg to begin to close and heal over. We started a different treatment in March and it has been working. I thank the Lord that I still have my leg and that it is healing as He promised it would.

For Ron, it is a different story. The bone in his leg still has not healed at all since the accident. He went back to the Doctor at the beginning of June. It still is not healed. He is facing another surgery. This would possibly set him back to another 3 months for healing time for the bone, as well as going through the whole recovery process again.

The doctor will be advising him about the next surgery on July 10th. They must remove the steel rod in his leg and replace it with another. It seems the first rod was too long. Please pray that the surgery goes well. We have so many ministry opportunities and this would hold everything back. After the operation living may be very cramped because of needing a hospital bed and very little free space to put it in

Moving Twice

We have just moved back to our home. Well, we moved out of Ron�s Mother�s home then to a mobile home at DWM, and about three weeks later we moved into our old home. However, because we were not living there, we were not aware of some of the damage that took place. Over the winter, our home suffered damage from water leaking in from the roof. The ceiling and floor received much damage. Insurance will cover only half the cost to fix.

Also, during the winter, our fuel tank leaked nearly a whole tank of fuel; very discouraging because of cost of fuel. We did not know it was a leak at the beginning, so we filled it again. Then one day Ron was able to go outside and around the back. He spotted the leak, and we had to fix it. But because of the original leak the heater stopped working and caused the water pipes to freeze and burst. When the heat was back on the water flowed and flooded the kitchen and our bedroom and bathroom. So the pipes had to be repaired before moving back. Jonathan and David did this for us. Thanks for the great work guys! The hot water tank froze and broke. It still needs replaced; it has a slow leak in it. The insurance does not cover plumbing problems. There is a lot of cleaning to do, as well as trying to get rid of musty smells, etc.


We were blessed by a gift of finances from one group. This helped us make it through the winter months with the rising costs of fuel, gasoline, and living expenses. It is now gone and we are asking the Lord to speak to the hearts of individuals to help support this ministry. We are blessed by those who are already giving; we can not say thank you enough for the sacrifice you make for us as we continue in ministry.

We need to build the support base to be able to continue to work with the Deaf here at DWM. This is a tough ministry; people don�t often realize that the Deaf often do not understand the Gospel. Jesus died for them and wants them to know Him.


We need to see more people involved with ministering to the Deaf people. With all the work we are looking at, we need to see new staff for maintenance, office work and staff for a school in the fall. The requirements are very high and it is very difficult to find Deaf or Hearing who are qualified.

We can�t do this alone, we need your help. Can you come and join us? If not, can you help us by committing to pray for us and/or by helping financially as a monthly partner with us?

Needs Continue as We Minister

We are facing big challenges. We have not allowed this accident to stop us. Even when we don�t feel like it, we continue with our meetings 4 or 5 times a week. We also spending time with the people, building relationships.

We have taken a Deaf girl into our home with no extra financial help. There are opportunities for more ministry. We are discipling those that the Lord has placed in our care. We want to have our first Deaf Ministry School this fall. The work goes on and with it, the needs are great.

We need housing for the students and staff. The mobile homes we now have are old and some are falling apart. In the winter, the costs for heating are high because the mobile homes are old and not well insulated. We are praying for the release of three double-wide mobile homes or three modular homes. Will you pray with us for this provision??

"The gospel must first be preached to ALL (includes the Deaf) the WORLD and then the end will Come."

Yours for the Kingdom,
Ron, Carol and Micah Southwick
Missionaries to the Deaf World




Psalm 141:1 "Blessed is the Lord our Rock, who trains our hands for war and our fingers for battle!"

August 19, 2000

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Battle #1

Following the Fall of 1999 problems with my back and then the February 2000 heart problems we entered into the spring time looking for a lessening of the battle.  But it was not to be. 

This spring and summer has been very trying and difficult for our family.  It has also affected the ministry, which I am sure the Enemy is happy about.  But to summarize, this May on the 10th, my brother passed away to be with the Lord.  He was very influential to me and helped me as a board member for Deaf World Ministries.  He also was an interpreter for us at sever functions.  

He lost his battle with lymphoma, a form of cancer. His death impacted many because his life was a testimony to Jesus. It left a hole in our hearts, ministry and our lives.  We were called upon to assist the family with various needs resulting from this untimely death. 

Battle #2

Then on May 31st a dear friend, Jim Walters died.  Jim had been participating in several of the activities of DWM.  This situation added to our schedule while we tried to help the family and Deaf community cope with their loss. We walked through several situations with some of the family members.

Battle #3

The following day, June 1st, I went to visit my mother and found her passed away on her couch.  This struck at our hearts again.  And needless to say, it was quite a blow to us.  However we do rejoice in knowing that she is with the Lord Jesus and enjoying His presence!

As a result of all these events it brought us to the place where we had to decide to continue with the summer programs and know that they were less than we expected in terms of quality etc. or to not have them and attempt to revive them next year, the Lord willing.  We felt we should not continue this summer.  So we did not run our planned summer camps.  I was also busy as the executor for my mother's estate.

Then the next event hit us and The following update chronicles this part of the saga...

Battle #4

Here is an update on our situation since the accident...

As some of you probably know, on July 27th my wife and I were going on a date on my motorcycle. A lady broadsided us in Titusville. We landed 50 ft. from the point of impact. I was unconscious for a while, had head trauma (like I need more of that - smile), and a broken femur (sp). My wife had three fractures in her left leg, one ripped through her calf and she lost a lot of blood.

I was flown by Lifestar to Hamot and she came by ambulance. We are both recovering. I was in Hamot and then Health South for two weeks recovering and getting physical therapy. I am now at my mother's house because our small trailer would not allow for space to recuperate with wheelchair, crutches and walker. My sisters said it would be alright to postpone selling it until we recover. I continue to have physical therapy three times a week here in the home and am having visiting home nurses care for me.

Carol is still in the hospital at Health South, room 127. (There is an 800 number to reach her if you would like 1-800-234-4574 ask for extension 1127.) Anyway, she had received a direct hit by the car and is in worse condition physically than me. Her leg is very swollen, there is significant tissue damage. She also has staph infection, will need a muscle transplant and skin grafting. She is in a lot of pain in spite of he heavy medication. She is having 3 hours of therapy daily. She expects to be out at the earliest, by August 30th. We will wait to see. (Our anniversary is August 20th - 35 years.)

We had no hospitalization but had ACCESS. My motorcycle insurance had no medical coverage, my auto policy had an exclusion for motorcycle accidents regarding medical payments, and get this --- the lady that hit us had no insurance! Not only that, they are poor and have next to nothing. Means what? We are stuck. We contacted a lawyer and he told us basically it is hopeless.

Well, we have not given up hoping in the Lord. We have had many opportunities to witness to people, many people have been supporting us in prayer - so God is being glorified. We are happy about that.

We have had to cancel or plans for the Fall. We are planning to refocus for next Fall or perhaps some summer programs. We are trusting God for His guidance. We know that man is responsible to plan but God directs his steps.

We wait to see how it will work out. We are taking it a step, well really a half-step at a time... Loneliness is a bit of a battle at this time, and there are emotions wrapped up in all of this, but again we hope in Jesus. We covet your continued prayer support. I will try to keep you informed as new developments occur. If you have any questions or want to correspond that is fine. We will do the best we can. 

I need to mention that it has been very difficult of Micah to deal with this. He is at this house helping care for me and keeping working. Due to the accident he has had to postpone plans for going to college this Fall. Pray for him to not allow this to push him away from the Lord, but to draw him closer to Jesus.

Also after this situation calms down, I will be going for another surgery which will put me on restricted activity for another 6 weeks. Also our "guardian daughter" will be having surgery on her back which will require three months of recuperation at home. This means she will not be able to go to the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD) during that time and will have to be tutored at our home during that time.

So we are not "out of the woods" yet with these things.

Battle #5

Our plans for the Fall school and other activities had to be canceled, but our desire is to see them on the schedule for nest year.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Warmly in Jesus,
Ron and Carol Southwick

As our hearts are continually for ministry with the Deaf, we remember this important scripture we quoted above: Psalm 141:1 "Blessed is the Lord our Rock, who trains our hands for war and our fingers for battle!"


Accident  Update  Continued  -  Please Read On...

Psalm 141:1 "Blessed is the Lord our Rock, who trains our hands for war and our fingers for battle!"

Southwick Prayer Update #2

August 25, 2000

Greeting to you our Friends and Prayer Partners,

Please keep praying as we are continuing a battle that has been very difficult.

I have been encouraged at Carol making progress in walking with a walker and getting out of bed to go to the bath room. She still needs an assistant there to watch or help her, but I remember when she couldn't do it. She is still very weak and fights hard to do these thing. She is being very brave. She is enduring so much pain, but I am proud of how she is handling it.

Recently, I had the opportunity to see Carol's leg as they put a new dressing on it. I was surprised how much flesh was gouged out. This is very difficult for me and her. Yesterday, Carol talked with the doctor about her leg.. Because of so much missing tissue they decided they must do a muscle flap transplant. After the staph infection is gone they will do the operation. It may be as early as Monday, August 28th.

They will remove muscle from the back right thigh, and transplant to the left, back calf where the muscle is missing. Then they will do skin grafts to make it look as nice as possible. The doctor told Carol that this is very painful. This means she will be suffering even more. This makes me sad.

Also the doctor told her that she cannot walk on the leg for three months and will not be healed for two years. This is very difficult for us to hear, but we will be trusting the Lord through all of this. We continue to pray for God's intervention.

Also, this gives us more problems to face. We need to know where we are to live. Our mobile home seems to small for recovery. Also a friend was at our home and said that the roof leaked and a large area of our ceiling was wet and the floor and stuffed chair and TV area. We will need the roof repaired and ceiling fixed by skilled people. Additionally, we are responsible for keeping up two houses, one at minimal operating and the other one fully. This is an added burden. We are trusting the Lord to show us how to accomplish this. We are also responsible for the maintaining of our staff house for the one staff person there at the center. These are concerns that we are now facing. Please lift these before the Lord as well. He has the wisdom we need.

Right now, I am at my mothers home confined to there. But this is supposed to be sold for the estate and we need to settle that for the other family members. We cannot expect them to be waiting and waiting for this estate to be settled. Please pray for God to give us answers to these questions.

Yesterday, I had to be rushed to the Emergency Room at Titusville. I had been sitting and was talking to a friend. When I turned to look at the friend something happened in my neck and head. I immediately became dizzy and nauseated. I decided to go lay down and called my son to have him get the visiting nurses to come. He called but they had to wait for my doctor to respond first. I fell asleep for an hour and a half. I woke up and my face, tongue, left arm and some of the right side was numb and tingling. I called the hospital myself and asked for the "Visiting Nurse" department. I talked with them and they felt I should have the ambulance come to pick me up since I was alone in the house and no one could take me. I really did not want to go to the ER - I thought, "When will this end?"

I arrived at the ER (they were having a crisis there all the rooms were filled and I was left in the hallway). Eventually, they got to me and I had a Cat Scan of my neck and head. It was negative and some of the numbness was wearing off. They told me it was "post concussion syndrome" and that it can happen from time to time after a concussion. Please pray for me that these things do not reoccur.

It has been difficult for me to get to visit Carol in the hospital. We talk on the phone about three times a day usually. Not for long talks but to touch base with each other. The last time I was there she told me, " I hate being alone." With the staph infection, she is not even allowed a room mate. When people visit her them must wash their hands for 30 seconds in special soap before leaving . So pray for her loneliness.

Your continued prayer support is very important to us. We are trusting our care to the One who loves us.

Warmly in Christ,
Ron and Carol Southwick
Deaf World Ministries



"...And in that day the Deaf shall hear the words of the book." Isaiah 29:18a

January/February 2000

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the New Year, the New Century and the New Millennium! While the Y2K was uneventful compared to the predictions of many people, it was eventful for our lives.


Ron has continued to have back problems. He has now had three epidurals and more physical therapy. He is improving as far as the pain is concerned. He was able to get off the narcotic kind of pain pill, so he is happy about that. He is still restricted on his activities. He is not to lift more than ten pounds, not to shovel snow and a few other restrictions.

More recently Ron has had a heart problem. He went into the emergency room one Saturday at 4:00 a.m. with chest pressure. While there was no "hard evidence" of a problem, the doctor decided to keep him over night. Later the doctor decided Ron should go to another hospital in Erie for a heart catheterization. Well, he needed two. The first was to check if there were a problem and the second to correct it. They found he had three arteries in the heart that are 30% blocked and another was 85% blocked.

The second time they went in they implanted a stent. This is like a wire mesh in a cylindrical shape that is expanded to open the artery. It will be permanent and takes about eight weeks for it to be secure. He had to lay motionless the first time for five (5) hours and thirteen (13) hours the second time.

Now Ron and Carol will be taking classes for one month three days a week at the local hospital to learn how to deal with his condition. The doctor told Ron if he had waited six weeks he would have been in there with a heart attack. So we are happy we went in when he did. Praise the Lord

Carol recently had a bout with bronchitis and borderline pneumonia. After being on the medication, which included a steroid, she has improved. However, she is still weak and feeling very tired most of the time. She continues to battle the bronchial weakness she has.

Our daughter, Rhonda, recently had a baby boy. So we became are grandparents again! That made five grand children. Then more recently David and Lynette had another boy and that makes six grand children! Both boy look so similar now! They look like they could be twins! If we sound too proud, please excuse us . . .

Jonathan just turned 32 on February 4th and Micah turned 18! (Yikes!!) on the 11th of February. That makes us feel OLD!

Witness to Parents and Grandparents of a Deaf Girl

The girl who is staying with us has had some back problems. Because of that and our own health issues she has been spending her time with her grandmother, since it would be too difficult for us to care for her. However, this has worked for good since Micah, Carol and I to have the opportunity to visit her from time to time.

This has provided an opportunity to be a witness to her family. We are praying for their salvation and would covet your prayers for us to have an impact in these circumstances. We see that God is allowing us to be involved in friendship evangelism and opportunities to minister.

Micah has been having the opportunity to have Bible study times with her and God has been working in her life. The other day God did some more purification of her heart to which she testified. It is exciting to see God working in the lives of the Deaf. This is especially precious when you think about how many Deaf do not have access to the Word of God in ways they can understand!

Meeting in the Marketplace

We have been seeing our "meeting in the marketplace" with the Deaf producing fruit. We have been able to bear witness to God, His Word and His Ways through this very low key manner of friendship evangelism. Some of the information is very private and cannot be shared. But we have found this to be one of the best ways to minister to the Deaf as well as build relationships that are fundamental to a successful ministry in the Deaf World. Perhaps later we will be able to share some of these precious moments with you.

Web Page  (

We have one page on our Web site that tells how to have "New Life." It contains information about the way to salvation, repentance, exercising faith, how to become a Christian, and steps to take after receiving Jesus into a person�s life.

Recently we received a message from a Deaf man who had accessed our web page. He wrote to tell us that he had become born again through reading our page about how to become a Christian. The Holy Spirit bore witness to him that he became a child of God. We greatly rejoice over this. We are in contact with him to see him become grounded in the Lord. Please keep him in your prayers.

We hope this letter is encouraging to you. While we are weak, we are seeing God be strong. While the enemy would like to see the ministry stop, God is providing many ways to keep the testimony of Jesus before the Deaf. Continue to pray for us and our work among the Deaf.

Prayer Requests:

We pray that God will give you the grace you need for your life so that you can bring Him the most glory through all you do.

Warmly in Christ,
Ron, Carol and Micah Southwick
Missionaries with the Deaf



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