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Our previous center was recently sold and we were in the process of relocating the ministry headquarters to the Southwestern USA and continuing the ministry to Western PA through various means.  We have currently found a place to establish the center for Deaf World Ministries.  It has been both challenging and exciting!  We are thrilled with the provision and favor of the Lord!  We believe you will be excited, too, as we are able to share more in the near future!  Our new location will have a  multipurpose focus.  It will provide for tent-making, hospitality, meetings, training and discipleship.

Our mailing address has recently changed to our permanent address. Donations and contributions may now be sent to our address of:

TUCSON, AZ 85756-9194

Our email will remain the same.
Out VP (video phone) will continue to be 814-827-2751 and is currently in operation at this number.  Feel free to contact us there.

Our former location is currently NOT a ministry location by the new owner and he has no plans to make it so.


At Our Previous Center    

The Center had over 100 acres where people could find a place to think about God and have time with Him to understand His heart for the world's 4th largest unreached people group.  It also provided plenty of space to be involved in physical activities, discussing, socializing, and drawing inspiration from God's creation, and be trained in Deaf  Ministry School, discipleship classes, Bible studies, drama, and many other ways that influenced people to godliness.

Clerc Hall

Was our multi-purpose hall.  It is here that we eat together, held evangelistic events, have classes, Bible studies, practiced drama, and a Deaf Church met here regularly.

Class Room Instruction

We held classes in ASL to help give hearing people a better understanding of Deaf Culture and the "natural heart language" of the Deaf.  We have had over several hundred people participate in our ASL classes. 

We trained people in Bible classes, seminars and some missionary training in our Deaf Ministry School. Some of our former students have gone on to become short term missionaries among the Deaf in India, Norway, Finland and Latin America via short term outreaches. Some still serve fulltime in Christian service. 

Relocation Redefines the Ministry

We have yet to see how the relocation will redefine the ministry.  Yet, we are very aware that the need for Deaf to receive and give in ministry is not over.  We will be updating our web site as our ministry goals becomes more clear.  We believe God has given some vision for the future, however, there are some hurtles that need to be overcome before we can announce these new goals.


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