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American Disabilities Act - Find areas relating to Using the ADA Law to help in your battle for equality
Baptist Temple Deaf Church - 2001 Trenton Rd., McAllen, TX 78504, 956-686-5296 (v), 713-398-2362 (text), Contact: Jim Walterhouse
Children of Deaf Adults - (CODA) CODA is an organization established for the purpose of promoting family awareness and individual growth in hearing children of deaf parents.
Deaf Education Web Site - Deals with issues relation to Deaf Education
Deaf Ministries List
- This is a list of Christian Deaf Ministries in the world - compiled by Shirley and Earl Wilber
Deaf Ministries Worldwide - DMW (NOT DWM-Our ministry) does a variety of ministry activities including: training Deaf to become pastors and leaders in their churches, mission work in Russia and Mexico

Deaf Websites - this site provides links to many different we did issues, events and nation
DeafBlind Web Site - Web site that deals with DeafBlind Issues - You will need to tell it to translate to English if you speak English.
D.E.A.F Inc. -
a fundamental, evangelical organization concerned with propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Deaf as revealed in the Scripture
Deaf Youth Ministries - DeafYouth Ministries is the parent organization of DTQuest and was established in 2000 as a national, interdenominational ministry to Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers

Deaf Websites.com - a resourse for those who want to contact Deaf Web Sites.

Gate Communications - A not for profit organization serving the Deaf/Hard of Hearing/and Hearing communities through performance interpreting, ministry, and education
Good News For The Deaf  This is Good News for the Deaf, just like it says
Hand Speak One of the best places on the Web for seeing how to correctly sign various words glosses  
Hands In Motion - a ministry providing volunteer sign language interpreters to Christian events, festivals and conferences nationwide (U.S.)
Karen Nakamura' s Deaf Resource Library   is one of the most complete resources on the web.  Not all links are recommended

Lighting the Way Ministries easy-to-read religious materials for the deaf and hard of hearing
Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf  Training Deaf for work with world - good philosophy about Deaf Culture
National Association of the Deaf (NAD)  The NAD has a major role in advocacy for Deaf issues. They publish the NAD Broadcaster and also have an Electronic Edition of news that is sent out monthly.
Professional Interpreter Exchange's (PIE)  Find out the latest news in deafness and the field of interpreting.

If you know of other resources, feel free to email us so we can add them to our growing list.

Churches (not necessarily endorsed by DWM)

Baptist Temple Deaf Church, 2001 Trenton Rd., McAllen, TX 78504, 956-686-5296 (v), 713-398-2362 (text), Jim Walterhouse



If you know of other resources, feel free to email us so we can add them to our growing list.


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