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Ron (HH) and Carol Southwick (H)

  Dir and Wife

Ron attended Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs from 1969-1971.  After leaving NBC he moved back to California where he lead a youth ministry at the North Hollywood Church of the Nazarene and led Bible studies for youth at his home.  He also led a witnessing team to Hollywood every Friday night for almost two years.

In 1973 Ron and his family of three children moved to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area where he began a coffeehouse ministry among the local young people.   Many were on drugs and alcohol.  But soon a move of God began to happen as they saw many young people come to the Lord.  These young people were discipled almost nightly as they met five nights a week to study the Word of God.

In 1975 he began an independent church called Living Waters Fellowship.  This grew out of the coffeehouse ministry as a result of the young people becoming saved.  After a time Ron felt God was calling him to become involved fulltime with a hearing missions organization.

In 1978 he and his family moved to Solvang, California to attend a YWAM missions training school. In 1982 with a team of 13 people they moved to Titusville, Pennsylvania. They pioneered a ministry center for training and discipling hearing people who had a desire to become involved in missions.    Later, Ron felt God leading them to start focusing on Deaf ministry and established a Deaf ministry in Titusville in 1994.  

In May of 1999, after a lot of prayer and consulting with his leadership, it was agreed that Ron and Carol were to begin a separate and distinct ministry called Deaf World Ministries at their previous location in Pennsylvania.    Thus began the new ministry to specifically target reaching the Deaf people group.  The ministry center was set up to be as close to Deaf Culture as possible and to see Deaf people trained and sent out, in-turn, training and sending other Deaf to fulfill the Great Commission.

They have relocated the ministry to Tucson, Arizona and are redirecting the ministry to become a ministry of enabling other Deaf ministries as well as holding meetings for training and instructing in discipleship.  The ministry also is involved in sending out DVD teachings in ASL.

Ron is available to speak to churches and workshops regarding Deaf awareness, Deaf culture, and preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in spoken language or American Sign Language.

Carol is the mother of four children.  All are grown and on their own.  She functions as secretary and accountant along with her many other duties as a wife, home maker and serving in hospitality.  She has also home schooled our son who graduated in May of 2000 and is a supporter of the Deaf and their needs functioning more in the background, ministering to them through friendship evangelism.  She serves on the board of Deaf World Ministries as Secretary/Treasurer.




Micah (H) and Nicole Southwick (D)

Micah Nicole


Micah Southwick (H) resides in Titusville, Pennsylvania with his wife Nicole (D) and daughter. Amana (H). Micah was homeschooled from K-12 and was involved in King's Kids Ministry for many years working with both hearing and Deaf people. He began studying ASL "American Sign Language" in 1991 and is currently on the path to become a certified interpreter.

He met his wife Nicole, just prior to her becoming our daughter through guardianship when she was 15 years old. They dated for 8 years and became married in February 2006. Nicole attended Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD) where she graduated in 2002. Their daughter, Amana, was born April 16, 2011 and has already learned many signs.

Micah attended Deaf Ministry School at Deaf World Ministries 2000 2001. He joined Deaf World Ministries as a board member in 2008 where he has served since that time. He is a part-time interpreter at Mill Creek Community Church in Erie, Pennsylvania.


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