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Deaf church in Gambia is growing and the Lord had seen fit to open a worship center for them right by the St. John's Deaf school which has over 500 deaf students!! It is near the center of the city of BANJUL. It is easily accessible to the larger Deaf community.

There are many needs remaining to make it functional. Here are some of the needs (just a few mentioned here):









... And many more we will mention later

The need is GREAT, the time is NOW!

We are working with the BIBLE SOCIETY OF KENYA to provide 2-3 Bibles for 13 rural churches to have Bible readings taking place each week in these communities in their native languages and English. This is for the hearing people who cannot read. One person will gather the village people together and simply read the Bible to the people so they can receive the Word of God and thus have more growth than only hearing it once a week. Then the Pastors of the churches will be able to explain to the people the things they have heard during the week. The process has been slow but we are making progress. Your prayers will be very helpful!

Our Video Logs are gaining viewers and we believe God is touching people's lives. We are posting them on here on our VLog page, on our Deaf World Ministries Facebook page and sending them to some of our Deaf subscribers to our FB page! We are also advertising them throughout the USA via FaceBook. We are evaluating this as the cost is a bit pricy for DWM. We are thankful for this avenue of reaching Deaf people, however. As we get more practice they are improving and we have recently invested more finances to improve our gear. We are excited about the new year ahead and reaching out to more Deaf people with God's Word!


We received word that the drought is so bad they have to go 150 miles to get water for drinking, washing clothes, etc. DWM was able to respond to send money to help with the purchase of gas to drive and money to purchase water. Much more is needed for the children in the orphanage. Any financial help and prayer support would be appreciated by Pastor Wilson.

Money was also sent to purchase Bibles for a village where the people LACK Bibles. Only one Bible exists in the village and it belongs to the Pastor. Now some Bibles will be provided to people who can read, one per family. More Bibles are needed. We all know that to grow and learn it is important to have access to the Word of God on a daily basis.


Pray for the Deaf World to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Wilson has now raised enough money to begin building on a plot of land they had donated to them. They will soon begin building the first floor of a 4 story building which will house his family, the church and the children of the orphanage.  We are continuing to support them and helping to provide finances for their food, clothing and lodging. Your contributions will be a great blessing to him and the children!

We have recently received pictures from the Orphanage in Kenya that shows the children at lunch, and posing for their pictures. We will be scanning these and posting them on here so you can see what your support does to bless these children as well as adding faces to them. In the mean time we ask you to pray for them. Most have lost their parents because of HIV and I know you can understand the heartache these children are faced with on a daily basis as well as their meager subsistence they face. This is why your prayers will be a help and blessing to them.

We are thankful that through the gifts of donors we have been able to assist the orphanage run by Pastor Wilson Kamau. The children were living on one meal a day due to famine/drought and lack of finances. This is the time of year that the children are also in need of uniforms, books and notebooks as well as other needs since school is stating up at this time in their area.

Again, Thank you to all those who have been enablers to meeting their needs. May the Lord Jesus bless you and be your strength!

We have recently, at the direction of our board, taken on a new and different orphanage in Kenya with 29 orphans and over seen by Pastor Wilson Kamau. We will be raising financial support to help feed and clothe these children and the outreach there.

We are also involved in feeding homeless people and clothing is being made available to them on a limited basis.

It is also important to note that these feeding and clothing programs are not Deaf programs, but rather the Deaf ministry reaching out to hearing people as well and Deaf. We know that Jesus died for ALL people. However, our main focus IS still on/with/among the Deaf. This is our calling from God as our focus "People Group."


There has be no clear census of the Deaf population in Kenya but the current analysis shows that Kenya has at least 600,000 Deaf persons. The lack of a clear census of the actual number leads to poor planning on issues related to Deafness like deaf education, prevention of deafness especially due to treatable diseases, among other development matters .

In some communities in Kenya, Deafness is associated with witchcraft which leads to discrimination of the Deaf child and family by the rest of the community. Kenya, being a developing country, has many people living below the poverty line who are not able to access the very basic needs. Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons are not spared from this. As a matter of fact, they are more vulnerable because of lack of education which leads to lack of employment hence lack of adequate skills. There is also inadequate inclusion of Deaf persons in legal, political, and developmental processes which makes it hard to raise issues affecting them as individuals .

The female Deaf child/woman is in a more vulnerable position to vices such as rapes, domestic violence, forced domestic labor, early pregnancies, and dropping out from education. Because of this, at the Deaf Outreach program, we have set up a special program that is to empower the Deaf woman/girl .

 Francis Nganga, the leader of the Kenya Society for the Deaf has strongly criticized the government because of its continued discrimination against the Deaf. In all of Africa and for that matter the Middle-East, India, Asia Minor and Asia the prevailing attitude toward Deaf is very negative and they are looked down upon by the rest of society. It is difficult to change their attitude toward Deaf people. Being Deaf carries with it a stigma.

Many of the nations will not allow them to Drive and many old fashion ideas still exist regarding persons who are Deaf. In India which has a caste system in place the Deaf are in a lower caste.  We are currently also in touch with a Hard of Hearing man from India who struggles  as a Deaf person. India still holds to the outdated concept that oralism is best for the Deaf, not realizing that signing is the heart language of the Deaf.

Keep these areas in prayer so your Deaf people group will be released from the old concepts that have been proven wrong in the civilized world.

Psalm 144:1 "Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle"

Are you someone that the Lord wants to use with your hands and fingers for battle and spiritual places? God is looking for people who have a heart to serve Him using their skills in sign language to reach out and touch the Deaf World sharing His great love for them.

Less than 2% of the Deaf World claim to be Christians. This is the same percentage as people in the Muslim world, commonly called "THE 10 40 WINDOW."

There are less than 300 full-time people to reach the Deaf World, over 800 million people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ask God to show you how He can use you to build His Kingdom by reaching the Deaf World with the Good News of His love for them. Then make yourself available to do it!

Feel free to contact Deaf World Ministries if we can assist you in any way.

God has recently called us to find people who have "Fire in the Belly" for Him and to see His Kingdom established in the hearts and minds of others. People who He can depend on to learn and impart to others this same desire and fire in others. Their efforts will be challenged and thwarted by others but these warriors will persist in advancing His Kingdom on the earth now.

Our role is to find those people and do all we can to assist them in "becoming" and "being" to reach the Deaf World. If you are someone who fits this or if you know of someone you think may qualify, please let us know via a message so it can be prayed about and responded to. Your prayers toward this end will be appreciated.

The Lord has spoken to put on His armor. Therefore, it means that this goal will be challenged and thwarted but those who are diligently staying close to the Lord Jesus will accomplish the role given them by the Lord.

We are involved in the Deaf Community and as Deaf and hard of Hearing reaching out to minister in spreading the Word and touching lives.  We have also become involved in helping to care for the homeless in the area.  This involves feeding and clothing them.  Our resources are limited but we are continually trusting God to supply.

Lev 10:14 You shall not curse a deaf man, nor place a stumbling block before the blind, but you shall revere your God; I am the Lord.











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